The REDD+ project in Brazil Nut Forests in Madre de Dios is being carried out by our Peruvian partner, Bosques Amazónicos, in conjunction with the Federation of Brazil Nut Producers of Madre de Dios (FEPROCAMD). The project has a singular focus: to improve the productivity of the main economic activity of the region, the collection and commercialisation of Brazil nuts, by looking at every stage of its production, from the financing to the delivery of final products, and targeting areas for improvement. The project directly benefits thousands of rural families.

Project ID VCS-868

Region Latin America

Host Country Brazil


The REDD+ project in Brazil Nut Forests seeks
 to protect 300,000 hectares of pristine rainforests. These
 forests are seriously threatened by the construction of the
 South Inter-Oceanic Highway, a highway that links Brazil with the Pacific Ocean, which is driving the migration to the area. This migration, in turn, has increased the demand for land for deforesting activities such as agriculture and livestock, increased timber extraction without forest management, uncontrolled hunting of wildlife and illegal gold mining in the basins and surrounding areas.

Concessioner communities are highly dependent on local ecosystems, but have few resources with which to protect their concessions. The project will empower them by increasing the economic value of the healthy forest and the income generated by sustainable Brazil nut harvesting. Currently, the concessionaires only undertake subsistence Brazil nuts collection and, in very few cases, subsistence forestry within the project area.