Carbon Markets

Carbon Markets

ClimateTrade COP27
Carbon Markets

Top 5 expectations from COP27

With the world’s largest climate event just around the corner and extreme weather events already causing mayhem around the globe, expectations are at their peak this year. Here are the

bank decarbonization
Carbon Markets

U.S. vs UK bank decarbonization

The UK and the U.S. are both major global financial hubs, with a lot at stake when it comes to achieving Net Zero. In this article, we dive into the

carbon footprint measurement
Carbon Markets

The evolution of carbon footprint measurement

The practice of calculating carbon footprint is not old, yet it has already changed and adapted to new demands and technologies. Discover the history of carbon footprint measurement in this

Voluntary carbon market
Carbon Markets

Voluntary carbon market value tops US$2B

The value of the voluntary carbon market (VCM) has quadrupled since 2020, reaching almost US$2B in 2021, according to a new report. The latest State of the VCM Briefing by

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carbon footprint football
Climate Change News

The carbon footprint of football

Football leaves more than just players’ footprints on the field: carbon emissions from games, travel and merchandising are considerable, and need to be tackled. Climate change is causing disruption around

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