A company’s carbon footprint includes all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, whether direct or indirect, that result from its activities.

Understanding your company’s carbon footprint is important in order to know where to take action in your production chain to improve processes and reduce the environmental impact, particularly around carbon emissions.

You can also achieve savings by reducing the energy consumption of some of these processes, so calculating the carbon footprint os also a tool to reduce production and performance costs. It allows companies to make better decisions and achieve a more efficient management of energy consumption in all areas: mobility, lighting, heating, etc.

Once you have calculated your company’s carbon footprint, you will need to offset the GHG emissions that cannot be abated by other means, by purchasing carbon credits and from sustainable development projects. These credits are expressed in tons of CO2, representing the equivalent GHG emissions, and can also be generated by carbon capture projects. The ClimateTrade marketplace makes it easy for you to visualize and select the projects through which you would like to offset your emissions.