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You have full control over where to invest the environmental capital of your company. Because it is not necessary to complicate things that are simple: using CLIMATETRADE MARKET is as easy as choosing the projects that best suit your needs, and clicking. Total traceability and trust are the results.

At CLIMATETRADE we only offer proven projects that meet all of our quality guarantees. Our team reviews each and every one of them so that you only have to decide which ones interest you the most.

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For you, it is very important to choose correctly. Therefore, we provide you with all the necessary information about the projects we offer.

All our projects are classified by territories and SDGs so you can easily filter.

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Our projects are also classified to easily identify their category:

Carbon Offsetting Projects: Carbon neutral projects
Nature-based Solutions: Sustainable projects in other areas
Guarantees of Origin: Optimal Projects for Scope 2

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