Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

ClimateTrade Developers' Portal
Blockchain Technology

ClimateTrade Developer’s Portal: Carbon neutrality at your fingertips

New platform allows companies to integrate ClimateTrade’s API and Widget autonomously. ClimateTrade launches, a developers’ portal allowing companies to integrate carbon offsetting services into their own channels autonomously. By

ESG for blockchain
Blockchain Technology

The importance of ESG for blockchain adoption

It is important for the sector to step up its game in terms of ESG for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption without damaging the planet.  The crypto industry has been

NFT and fungible tokens
Blockchain Technology

What are NFTs and fungible tokens?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest blockchain craze. But do you know what they are? We live in an era in which emerging technologies never stop introducing new terms to

blockchain myths
Blockchain Technology

Top 3 myths about blockchain

Learn about the most common myths about blockchain technology.   Myth #1 Blockchain = Cryptocurrencies The first myth is that Blockchain = Cryptocurrencies. This statement is incorrect, since Blockchain has

How does Blockchain work?
Blockchain Technology

How does Blockchain actually work?

This post will cover how blockchain technology works, the advantages it presents, as well as its disadvantages. It is easy for newcomers to mix up cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Although the

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Aigües de Barcelona
ClimateTrade News

Aigües de Barcelona on its way to carbon neutrality

With the support of ClimateTrade and its blockchain technology, Aigües de Barcelona has started managing its carbon footprint of the value chain.  The Project coordinated by Aigües de Barcelona intends

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