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What is ClimateTrade?

ClimateTrade is the world’s first climate marketplace. Our platform connects companies looking to offset their carbon footprint directly with climate-regenerative projects, getting rid of the middlemen.

What is the carbon footprint and why is it important?

The carbon footprint is the sum of all the greenhouse gases a person, company or even country releases into the atmosphere, expressed in CO2 equivalent. These emissions are responsible for global warming, and as such, they need to be addressed in the fight against climate change. This is why many governments are putting a limit on the amount of emissions companies can produce, which is often combined with a tax on carbon. Many countries and companies have pledged to be net zero by 2050, which means that all their carbon emissions will be offset, and none will enter the atmosphere and destabilize the climate.

What are carbon credits or offsets?

In the same way as many activities emit greenhouse gases, others have the potential to absorb them. For instance, trees feed on carbon dioxide, so forests absorb large quantities of carbon. This absorption capacity can be quantified in tons, the same way emissions are calculated. Each ton of carbon absorbed from the atmosphere constitutes a carbon credit, or carbon offset. Thanks to this accounting system, people and organizations can purchase carbon credits to make up for emissions they cannot avoid: this is called carbon offsetting.

Can ClimateTrade help me calculate my carbon footprint?

Yes! Our carbon footprint calculator is there to help you assess and understand the amount of emissions your company releases into the atmosphere. Once you know how large your footprint is, you can take steps to reduce it, then browse our projects to offset the emissions you’re unable to reduce.

How can I offset my carbon footprint on the ClimateTrade marketplace?

First, do you know what your carbon footprint is? If not, use our calculator to find out. Then, choose a project you’re interested in. Each project displays a price per ton of carbon avoided or removed from the atmosphere. Buy the same number of tons you have emitted to make your company carbon-neutral. You can choose to buy all your offsets from the same project, or to spread them out between different projects. Add all carbon credits to your cart, then go to check-out and make your payment. Your funds will go directly to the projects you selected (minus our small fee).

Will I get any proof that I've offset the carbon footprint of my company on ClimateTrade?

Yes! After each transaction is concluded, we automatically generate a nominative certificate for the buyer, with information about the projects their purchase has supported and a transaction blockchain key, making the information immutable. Certificates can be used in sustainability reporting or to reinforce the company’s climate action message.

What types of projects will I find on the ClimateTrade marketplace?

You’ll find many types of climate-regenerative projects on the ClimateTrade marketplace: from renewable energy to waste management and reforestation. Some are already generating carbon credits, and others are selling carbon futures to finance their development. Some projects even focus on other issues than carbon, such as biodiversity protection or plastic pollution. But all create positive impacts for our climate.

Where are the mitigation projects based?

Projects can be based anywhere in the world. If you are interested in a specific location, you can filter them by country.

Do mitigation projects follow a specific set of standards?

All the projects on our marketplace are verified and certified by well-known standards. We worked with internationally recognized standards including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), as well as national standards such as those of CERCARBONO in Colombia and MITECO in Spain.

What are the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 objectives set by the international community to build a more sustainable and equitable world. They were launched by the United Nations in 2015. Each goal comes with specific targets, which allows projects and businesses to align their strategies with these SDGs. On the ClimateTrade marketplace, you can also filter projects according to the SDG you are most interested in.

What is the technology behind ClimateTrade?

We base all our transactions on blockchain technology.

What are the benefits of blockchain for my business?

All transactions on blockchain are immutable, which means that data cannot be duplicated or manipulated. This guarantees the integrity of data and the traceability of carbon offsetting transactions. In the end, it gives our customers the comfort of knowing that their money actually ends up in the projects they want to support.

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