About us

At CLIMATETRADE we connect companies willing to offset their carbon emissions to a large number of verified environmental projects.

We aim to help companies achieve carbon neutrality by providing our innovative emissions offsetting services.

500+ registered companies
2.7K+ end users
3M+ tons of carbon offset
60+ projects available from 20+ different countries

Blockchain Technology: A Revolution in Environmental Offsetting

We work hard to maintain the trust of our clients. For this reason, we offer you the relief the total traceability of our BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY provides.

infography blockchain climatetrade

Applying this technology to the world of environmental offsetting achieves the definitive level of traceability in these operations. Because thanks to the multinodular information storage system, its transparency and speed are multiplied.

Our team

At CLIMATETRADE we are a team of professionals, aware of the environment, who apply the best technology to offer all the comfort and transparency in environmental offsetting for companies.

Francisco Benedito

Jose Lindo
Head Impact Officer

Ana Karen Zapata

Diego Moya
Chief of Growth

Kat O’Brien
Chief Partnerships Officer

Eduardo Bustos
Product Manager

Viviane Farabotti

Viviane Farabotti
Global Head of Marketing

Vanessa Pizza

Vanessa Pizza
Brand & Event Manager

Melodie Michel
Content Manager

Olga Brigido
Head of Legal & Compliance

Ana Ruiz

Ana Ruiz
Accounting Manager

Lucia Distefano
Legal Officer

Paula Camacho
CEO Assistant

Sofia Gil
HR and Compliance Officer

Marta Verdaguer
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Miguel López

Miguel López
Carbon Credits Manager

Alejandro Rodriguez

Head of Supply

Juan Sanchez

Supply Assistant

Cayetano Ardit

Cayetano Ardit
Head of Business Development Management

Francisco Martin
Head of Engineering & Quality

Diego Saavedra

Diego Saavedra
LATAM key account manager

Álex Casas
Head of Blockchain

David Pinilla
Senior Full Stack Developer

Matias Micenmacher
Technical Developer

Laura Porto

Laura Porto
Full Stack Developer

They support us, they advise us

Juan Verde

Renowned advisor to governments. Commercial connections with 52 countries. Advisor to former President Obama.

Alejandro Calderón

CEO and Founder Mutual Empathy. Co-founder of ValueSkies, Looking for the Masters and P17.


Javier Manzanares

Javier Manzanares has 25 years of experience in sustainable development and climate finance. Former Deputy Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund.

Alejandro Cremades

Autor del Bestseller “The Art of Fundraising”

Our partners