• Correos

    Correos has decided to take climate action

    For the past several years, Correos has been committed to the fight against climate change. Among the actions taken for this purpose, the company made efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions, and in 2019, it went one step further by incorporating the offset of remaining emissions.

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  • Acciona

    Acciona will provide ClimateTrade with carbon emission reduction certificates

    This collaboration agreement with Acciona will allow us to integrate Emission Reduction Certificates (CERs) from renewable projects, with high social content and that meet different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in several developing countries.

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  • Cabify

    Cabify leads the offset of CO2 emissions with blockchain

    The ridesharing company announced its alliance with ClimateTrade, an international leader in efficiency and traceability of carbon neutrality services. Thanks to blockchain technology, Cabify takes a step forward by digitizing, tracing and ensuring the transparency of both the offsetter and the environmental projects.

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  • Santander

    Banco Santander has signed an agreement with Acciona to offset 145,000 tons of CO2 emissions through Climatetrade

    Thanks to this agreement, ClimateTrade supports Banco Santander's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2020 by offsetting approximately half of its emissions.

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  • Telefónica de Telefonica, buy carbon neutral devices is Telefónica's carbon neutral device marketplace. We have integrated our API Climatetrade into the purchasing process to offset the carbon footprint of all products.

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  • Iberia

    Iberia customers can offset the exact carbon footprint generated

    After offsetting, the customer receives a personal email with a certificate and the official certificate from the entity that verifies the project to which their contribution is directed.

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