Business solutions

ClimateTrade business solutions

ClimateTrade takes a holistic approach to climate action, offering limitless possibilities to embed sustainability into your business. Choose the solution that best fits your needs and achieve your sustainability goals with ease.


Offset your climate impact

ClimateTrade’s marketplace provides a transparent and efficient solution for offsetting your company’s environmental impact. Our traceable blockchain platform offers a broad range of verified carbon, plastic, and biodiversity credits, helping you become climate-positive with ease.


Make your products carbon neutral

Integrate the ClimateTrade API into your website, app, or point of sale to bring our marketplace functionalities directly to end consumers. With our API, you can calculate the carbon footprint of your products and enable every transaction to be carbon neutral or climate positive. Whether it’s a flight, hotel stay, or financial transaction, offsetting emissions is easy real time with our API or periodically with our file transfer mechanisms.


The easiest way to integrate carbon offsetting

Reduce your company’s environmental impact and engage your customers with our customizable white label solution. With our user-friendly platform, customers can calculate and offset their carbon emissions through projects of your choice in just 3 easy steps, all without leaving your website. Your brand, your voice, our technology.

Carbon footprint calculators

Automation and accuracy

There can be no action without accurate data. ClimateTrade’s carbon calculators give you a clear picture of where your footprint is, so you can reduce, mitigate and communicate it with full transparency.

Developers portal

Integrate our services autonomously

With our Developers’ Portal you’ll have all the information you need for a seamless integration one click away. We are here to help you generate a positive impact as easily as possible, whether you have chosen our API or Whitelabel, all the documentation and details needed to start straight away is in our Developers’ Portal.

Carbon market compliance

The solution for your EUA needs

Companies within the EU ETS are facing prohibitive transaction costs. ClimateTrade streamlines the compliance process and brings transparency into the mandatory carbon market, lowering the cost of compliance.