Biodiversity credits for nature protection

Discover how biodiversity credits provide a way to conserve natural habitats and protect the environment.

What are biodiversity credits?

Nature conservation is a key part of climate action, and biodiversity credits are a great way to make it a reality. Each credit represents permanent biodiversity contributions such as pest reduction or conservation and habitat protection in a specific area for a certain amount of time.

These relatively new units can be used to finance actions that result in measurable positive outcomes for biodiversity.

Discover our biodiversity projects 

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Voluntary Biodiversity Credits by Terrasos

The El Globo project in Colombia is one of the pioneering and rare biodiversity projects in the world.

Learn how ClimateTrade and Terrasos are leading the way in biodiversity protection.

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How to buy biodiversity credits on ClimateTrade

Whether you’re a company or an individual, you can easily protect biodiversity in Latin America by directly funding a project with just a few clicks.

How to sell biodiversity credits on ClimateTrade

Uploading your project is quick and easy, and completely free of charge. 

We offer you a complete platform to sell your carbon or biodiversity credits, register as a project developer and start selling. It’s only 4 steps.

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