No matter your sector, we support your net zero strategy

ClimateTrade supports decarbonization in a wide range of sectors, from financial services and e-commerce to tourism, aviation and events.

Mobility & Transportation

We help mobility operators calculate and offset the footprint associated with each ride.

Mobility industry success story
Aviation industry success story


We offer automated carbon footprint calculation and offsetting for flights.


Hotel and tourism operators use ClimateTrade to let their customers to visualize and offset the emissions of their holidays.

Tourism industry success story


We integrate our services into your online store and make your products carbon-neutral.

Financial services

Financial institutions trust us to offset their emissions – and those of their own clients.

Financial services industry success story
Oil and gas industry success story

Oil & Gas

ClimateTrade is the carbon neutrality partner of the Oil & Gas sector.


Our construction calculator takes all processes into account along all phases of a building’ life cycle.

Construction industry success story

Other sectors

Our API and Widget can be incorporated into all sectors of the economy.

Ask us how we can help you

Ask us how we can help you