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Co-Branded Pages:

the easiest way to integrate climate action

The ClimateTrade co-branded climate page is a hassle-free option for organizations that want to give their customers or members the option to offset their carbon footprint independently, without having to handle payments.

Why should your company offer sustainable services?

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How the Co-Branded Page works?

Your brand, your voice

Customize the Co-Branded Page with your brand and offer sustainability features, such as adding one of our calculators to help customers understand their environmental impact.

Educate and engage

Connect the Co-Branded Page to your website and promote it to customers. This will encourage them to offset their emissions and support a mitigation project of your choosing.

A trustful positive impact

Customers get a personalized offsetting certificate with a blockchain link, providing transparency and traceability. You can access transaction data to analyze customer behavior and preferences.

They use our Co-Branded Page

Offset as a standalone service

Our self-contained Co-Branded Page solution provides an easy way for your customers to calculate and offset their carbon emissions in 3 simple steps, without any changes to your purchase/booking engine.

You can personalize multiple elements, such as colors, logos, calculators, and projects offered, to create a unique climate action experience that aligns with your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

Offsettings arround the world

Co-Branded Page key benefits

Easy to integrate

Our co-branded solution can be ready in minutes, and is included in your website as easily as adding a new link.

Transparency and traceability

Our mission is to bring transparency and traceability to the carbon market that’s why we’ve chosen blockchain technology to back up our products.


Personalize the offsetting experience to your brand by deciding how to offer the solution to your customers.

Compatible with API

Our solution is non-exclusive and can be seamlessly integrated with your API to implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy across the entire customer journey.

Looking for a SaaS fully integrated with your company’s ecosystem? Check out the ClimateTrade API