Protect the environment and your business by achieving carbon neutrality now

Climate change is accelerating, and adopting a sustainability strategy has become mandatory for companies that want to remain relevant in a net zero world.

ClimateTrade understands that each sector needs to approach ESG differently. Our experts and technological solutions assist you through the process to ensure the most efficient execution for measurable impact generation.

Why ClimateTrade

Companies carbon offset

Offsetting 1 tCO2 is the equivalent of planting

Assess your impact with our carbon footprint calculators

The first step towards climate action is to assess your environmental impact. ClimateTrade offers a wide variety of carbon footprint calculators customized for each sector, from aviation to buildings and events. And if you don’t find your sector, get in touch: our consulting team can customize our existing solutions for you.
What is the carbon footprint? 

The carbon footprint is the sum of all the greenhouse gases a person, company or even country releases into the atmosphere, expressed in CO2 equivalent.

A wide variety of best-in-class carbon credits

Our platform allows you to support global climate mitigation projects certified by world-renowned standards, guaranteeing the quality of carbon offsets. All our projects are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring holistic and longstanding positive impact. Choose your favorite project to offset your carbon footprint or simply to contribute to a sustainable world.

Why offset your carbon footprint?

CO2 emissions are directly responsible for global warming, so they are our most urgent problem to solve in order to tackle the climate emergency.


By offsetting your carbon footprint, you make sure that for every ton of carbon that is emitted by your activities, another ton is absorbed or removed from the atmosphere. You quit being part of the problem and become part of the solution.


Companies that do not tackle their carbon emissions risk becoming obsolete in a net zero world.

Goals carbon offset

Forest projects

Forest projects

Forest management and conservation protects our most efficient carbon sink: trees.

Forest projects
Community projects

Community projects

Community projects
Low-carbon solutions, such as solar or fuel-efficient stoves avoid emissions from high-carbon alternatives and reduce local deforestation.

Renewable energy projects

Renewable energy projects
Solar or wind farms generate clean electricity for local communities and avoid large amounts of CO2 emissions from polluting power sources.
Renewable energy projects
Non carbon projects for companies

More than carbon

Non carbon projects for companies

ClimateTrade is more than just a carbon offsetting platform: we think of the climate crisis in a holistic way, encompassing water, biodiversity, plastic pollution and yes – carbon. That’s why you can find a wide variety of climate offsets on our marketplace, and we are constantly expanding our offering.

Integrated solutions: Bring sustainability to your customers

ClimateTrade takes a holistic approach to climate action. Our business solutions cover voluntary corporate offsetting on the B2B and B2B2C sides, as well as mandatory carbon market compliance.

API and Whitelabel: Make your products carbon neutral

API ClimateTrade for companies

The ClimateTrade API, Widget and whitelabel solution can be integrated into any organization’s website, app or point of sale to bring the functionalities of our marketplace to end consumers and make products and services carbon neutral.

API ClimateTrade for companies

Developers portal: Integrate our services autonomously

The ClimateTrade Developers Portal allows companies to integrate carbon offsetting services into their own channels autonomously by making all API documentation available at the click of a button.

Easy and transparent reporting

Each transaction made through ClimateTrade triggers the issuance of a traceable offsetting certificate with information about the project contribution and a unique identifyer. This makes your ESG reporting quick and easy.

Spread the word with confidence

Our solutions bring end-to-end traceability to your climate mitigation activities, and our communication team helps you spread the word confidently on all channels – because transparency is our priority.

Trusted by global brands


“Within the “Hangar 51” start-up acceleration program promoted by our IAG group, we developed a carbon footprint offset project for Iberia’s clients. ClimateTrade’s professionalism and dedication were key to carrying out this initiative in just 10 weeks.”

Marina García Aedo
Sustainability Manager

“Companies not only have to offer the best products and services to their customers, we have to do it while taking care of the ecosystem that surrounds us. ClimateTrade allows us to make it happen: thanks to them, we can be an active part of the change, combining our commitment to our customers and to our planet through the most innovative technology.”

Gonzalo Abalo Alvarez
Head of Business Analysis

“Acciona is committed to digitization, innovation and sustainability, so the interest in promoting platforms such as ClimateTrade, a pioneer in taking advantage of Blockchain technology in the development of this type of digital platforms for the sale of carbon credits, is a logical consequence. Thanks to the marketplace, our processes are simplified and we can now help more companies offset their carbon footprint and share with them the global fight against climate change.”

Marina Gonzalez Barreiro

Thought leadership and insights

Would you like to integrate climate offsetting into your own platform?

Would you like to integrate climate offsetting into your own platform?

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