IRECs for decarbonization efforts

Explore how International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) can serve as an efficient means to tackle scope 2 emissions in a transparent and cost-efficient way. 

What are IRECs?

International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) are a type of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) that verify the generation of electricity from renewable sources such as solar or wind farms. These certificates are essential in the renewable energy market, enabling buyer companies to showcase their commitment to sustainability while reducing their environmental footprint.

At ClimateTrade, you’ll find IRECs available in multiple Latin American, African, and Asian countries, offering companies in these regions or with local factories a tangible solution to address their Scope 2 emissions linked to energy consumption.

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How to buy IRECs projects on ClimateTrade?

You can purchase IRECs to reduce your carbon footprint and tackle your company’s scope 2 emissions within just a few clicks: