ClimateTrade Hires Alec Saltikoff as U.S. Advisor, Michael Cassis as VP of Sales North America

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Hires bolster U.S. expansion efforts, strengthen financial industry expertise of climate solutions provider 

MIAMI, May 17, 2023 – ClimateTrade, the world’s first blockchain-based climate solutions provider, today announced the hirings of Alec Saltikoff and Michael Cassis as U.S. advisor and vice president of sales North America, respectively. These top-level hires demonstrate ClimateTrade’s commitment to expanding its reach in the U.S. and across North America, giving a wider range of businesses the ability to drive positive climate impact. 

“Alec and Michael bring critical market expertise, business relationships and financial acumen to our growing U.S. operation,” said Francisco Benedito, co-founder and CEO of ClimateTrade. “Businesses and consumers are becoming more climate conscious, looking for ways to make an impact. ClimateTrade offers that opportunity — and Alec and Michael will help us maximize our trusted service by reaching new industries and future partners.” 

The former Global Head of Sustainability and Energy at J.P. Morgan, Saltikoff will lead ClimateTrade’s efforts in the financial industry. Building off his expertise in the sustainability space, Saltikoff will provide guidance and advice on the company’s expansion and growth in North America. In addition, Saltikoff will be responsible for building bridges and connections with companies in the market, leveraging his existing network and forging new relationships to help ClimateTrade establish itself as a key player in the industry. 

“I’m excited to bridge the gap between ClimateTrade and the financial services industry to help drive large-scale decarbonization efforts,” Saltikoff said. “We’re seeing increased interest from businesses in the U.S. and across North America to add sustainability solutions to their portfolios, but they don’t always know where and how to begin. I’m looking forward to introducing my network to a climate solutions provider that offers a transparent and traceable marketplace as well as an expanding suite of additional capabilities to drive real, positive change.” 

Saltikoff is just the latest in a string of hires who bring sector-specific expertise. Last quarter, ClimateTrade hired Michael Cassis as its vice president of sales North America. Cassis brings extensive experience from the technology Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry from his previous work at companies like Oracle, Sabre, Korbytand Motus. In his new role, he is responsible for driving revenue growth and expanding ClimateTrade’s footprint in the North American market. Joining the team of new chief commercial officer, Will Darrah, a veteran of the travel and hospitality sector, Cassis will aim to expand ClimateTrade’s footprint in the SaaS industry. 

“In my short time here, I’ve already seen ClimateTrade’s commitment to facilitating real climate action – and interest from businesses and consumers to be a part of this mission,” Cassis said. “The climate crisis demands that we embrace all solutions, and I’m thrilled to extend the reach and impact of our unique marketplace, API and other offerings in the North American market and broader tech industry.”

In other recent developments, ClimateTrade acquired TeamClimate in April and partnered with Greenly in May. Both moves reflect a strategy to strengthen ClimateTrade’s platform; the first expanded access to the marketplace by incorporating a subscription-based service that reaches consumers directly, while the partnership with Greenly enhanced ClimateTrade’s ability to deliver end-to-end service to businesses.

About ClimateTrade 

ClimateTrade is a climate solutions company that utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate large-scale decarbonization efforts through innovation. Our marketplace enables companies and individuals to offset their carbon impact by purchasing carbon, plastic, and biodiversity offsets, as well as renewable energy certificates directly from verified project developers. Additionally, ClimateTrade’s plug-and-play tools such as the API and Whitelabel offer a streamlined integration of our marketplace functionalities into the clients’ ecosystem. This integration allows for the automatic calculation of the carbon footprint of a product or service, enabling customers to offset their impact at or after check-out promoting the creation of climate-positive products and supporting the client’s net-zero strategy. ClimateTrade is also leading the way in the digital certification of carbon mitigation projects and supporting the digitization of national carbon registries, which promises to revolutionize the way we approach carbon accounting and management. 

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