Discussing the future of climate tech at VERGE 22


ClimateTrade will be attending and speaking at VERGE 22, the climate tech event organized by Greenbiz in San Jose, California, October 25-27.

As an industry leader, ClimateTrade is proud to be a sponsor and speaker at the world’s leading climate tech event, VERGE 22. The purpose of this event is to accelerate solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time, and we are looking forward to discussing those in detail.

A leader in six strategic areas

VERGE 22 is organized in six strategic themes – clean energy, sustainable transportation, carbon removal, regenerative food systems, net-zero buildings and the startup ecosystem – and ClimateTrade contributes to all six of these. We support the development of clean energy by offering renewable projects and renewable energy certificates (RECs) on our marketplace; we partner with transportation companies to help them mitigate their climate impact; we are joining forces with players in the regenerative food ecosystem to investigate carbon farming; we are a strong carbon neutrality partner in the construction sector, having developed a specialized carbon footprint calculator; and we are deeply involved in the startup ecosystem in Valencia, Miami and beyond.

For all these reasons, we look forward to being a conversation leader at the Greenbiz event.

Panel: New technologies and strategies for communicating carbon data to consumers – 26/10, 2.45pm PDT

Our CEO Francisco Benedito is a speaker on this panel of leaders behind some of the new experiments with carbon labels, who will share what we do and don’t know about the power of labels to impact consumer choice.

What would happen if the carbon embodied in a laptop or a sofa or even a packet of chips were displayed on the product’s label?

Measuring embodied carbon is notoriously difficult, but supply chains are slowly becoming more transparent and consumer demand for environmental data is growing. These forces have prompted companies large and small to experiment with labels that detail the emissions created in the manufacture of a product. The big question now is how consumers will react.

Benedito will bring ClimateTrade’s perspective from our partnership with Santander Bank on its new carbon footprint feature, available on the webpage and app.

Live carbon offsetting at the ClimateTrade booth

Additionally, we are bringing innovation to our event booth! VERGE 22 participants can find us at booth 113 to experience our whitelabel solution, calculating and offsetting the footprint of their event attendance.

If you haven’t yet, you can still register to attend VERGE 22 here.

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