The agreement between Inproyen and ClimateTrade aims to decarbonize mining, fossil fuels, agriculture, waste and industry.

A Coruña, October 11, 2022Inproyen, the international business group for technical-scientific environmental consulting and the development of green technologies, has signed a collaboration agreement with ClimateTrade, the blockchain-based climate solution provider, to decarbonize the mining, fossil fuels, agriculture, waste and industry sectors.

Through this collaboration, Inproyen and ClimateTrade will prepare decarbonization plans for their clients, to whom they will also offer services such as Inproyen’s carbon footprint calculation and ClimateTrade’s climate marketplace. They will also work on the joint development of educational content on climate change mitigation for these sectors.

“Our  strategic and pioneering alliance with ClimateTrade aims to support decarbonization and achieve carbon neutrality, which will not only give importance to the technical work of our collaborators, but also to their environmental awareness,” says Diego Arán , CEO of Inproyen.

Inproyen’s long experience supporting innovative environmental projects in companies with high CO2 emission levels in Spain and Latin America, and the versatility of ClimateTrade as a blockchain-based platform for transparent offsetting of the climate impact of companies, constitutes a great synergy to achieve the global goals of decarbonization and sustainable development.

Francisco Benedito, CEO of ClimateTrade, comments: “We are proud to work with Inproyen for the decarbonization of some of the most polluting sectors in the world. The synergy created by this agreement will generate benefits not only for both parties, but also for the planet.”