Mexico’s Mar de Cortés region teams up with ClimateTrade to decarbonize tourism

Mar de Cortés

The Mar de Cortés Forum has signed a collaboration agreement with ClimateTrade and Spectrotec to support its objective to be a fully carbon-neutral region by 2030.

Mexico’s Mar de Cortés (Gulf of California) region, a major tourism hotspot generating US$2B a year for the country’s economy, aims to be the first carbon-neutral region in the world by 2030. 

To that end, the region has signed a collaboration agreement with two companies in the carbon market: Spectrotec to help it develop local carbon mitigation projects, and ClimateTrade to calculate its carbon footprint and facilitate offsetting for businesses, residents and visitors alike through the ClimateTrade API. 

In a first phase, the Mar de Cortés Forum will support the development of local, certified carbon mitigation projects to help the region avoid or absorb carbon emissions. Then, the second phase will consist of implementing micro-offsetting across the Gulf of California region.

Among the channels planned to execute the Mar de Cortés 2030 Carbon-Neutral Goal, the region will allow customers to offset their footprint when making a purchase or booking a stay online or physically with local businesses, and will even set up a carbon-neutral marketplace where tourists can book hotel stays, reserve experiences and buy products with automatic carbon offsetting.

Upon signing the agreement in Los Cabos, Ana Karen Zapata, ClimateTrade COO, commented: “I am convinced that this initiative will make a lot of noice: we are all in love with this project and want to invite everyone to participate. Businesses, citizens: let’s all work together to strengthen this sustainability initiative.”

The Mar de Cortés Forum Summit 2022, held last week in the Gulf of California, was also made carbon neutral in partnership with ClimateTrade.

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