Transform your event: Be a pioneer in your sector by going carbon-neutral 

Climate change is an urgent global challenge that demands action from every sector. As organizations, it is our responsibility to lead the way and contribute to a sustainable future.

The Environmental Impact of Organizing an Event: Understanding Your Company's Footprint

How is my company generating a footprint by organizing an event?

Your company generates a footprint through energy consumption, transportation emissions, waste generation, commuting of attendees, and other factors.

What does it mean to host a carbon-neutral event?

It means taking measures to offset the carbon emissions produced during the event by investing in activities that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere, effectively achieving a net-zero carbon impact.

What are the benefits of doing a carbon-neutral event? 

Tackle climate change

by actively investing in projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, you take tangible action to combat climate change and contribute to the vital task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Demonstrate corporate social responsibility

show to your stakeholders that you are taking steps to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

Attract media attention

a carbon-neutral event provides a newsworthy angle that can attract media coverage, generating positive publicity and raising awareness about your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Engage consumers

hosting a carbon-neutral event creates an opportunity to engage and educate consumers about the importance of environmental sustainability, fostering a positive brand image and building stronger connections with your audience.

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