The most sustainable companies in the world

most-sustainable companies

In this article we tell you the top 3 most sustainable companies according to Corporate Knights.

The Canadian research firm, Corporate Knights, is a financial information company focused on sustainability, it ranks large companies worldwide, The list, The Global 100, is determined by the performance of the companies by reducing carbon and waste, their kind diversity among leadership, clean product revenue, and overall sustainability.

1. Chr. Hansen Holding

It is a Danish bioscience firm that makes more than 80% of its revenue by developing natural solutions to preserve foods like yoghurt and milk, protect crops with natural bacteria instead of pesticides, and search for alternatives to animal antibiotics.

2. Kering SA

It is a French firm best known for consumer-oriented brands owner of firms such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, among others. The brand has shown that it takes sustainability seriously by getting more than 40% of its products from certified sustainable sources, and it is always looking for ways to improve that percentage.

More than 60% of the Kering board of directors is made up of women, the gender composition of most large companies shows less than 20%.

3. Neste Corporation

Based in Finland, until very recently, it was a fossil fuel company that refined oil to burn and generated greenhouse gas emissions in the process. But the firm changed its view, and now more than 50% of Neste’s investments go to the development of products such as renewable biofuels.

Currently, 25% of the company’s income comes from biofuel refining, and its goal is to increase that figure in the coming years. Neste’s biofuel business represents 50% of its profits.

More information on the methodology of the ranking.


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