Voluntary Carbon Market Offsetting Tutorial
Voluntary Carbon Market Offsetting Tutorial
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Voluntary Carbon Market Offsetting Tutorial

The voluntary carbon market can be an incredible tool to help the world meet its Net Zero target by 2050. When executed properly, the generation and sale of carbon credits has the potential to direct large amounts of private funding towards climate change mitigation projects. But the system has been plagued by concerns over the quality and additionality of certain carbon offsets, the possibility of double counting, as well as a lack of pricing transparency.

Transparent Carbon Offsetting for Maximum Climate Impact

In this e-book, we argue that all these concerns can be overcome by choosing processes and platforms that put transparency first.

  • Understanding the global voluntary carbon market
  • Best practices to calculate carbon footprint and set credible targets
  • Cost-effective carbon reduction measures
  • 4 steps to ensure impact while offsetting emissions

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