A TeamClimate Christmas – Transforming Gift-Giving into Sustainable Impact

Stuck for corporate gifting ideas? How about making your employees carbon-neutral?

As the holiday season approaches, TeamClimate wants to change the way we think about corporate and personal gifting with their innovative Christmas initiative. This year, they are offering a unique blend of environmental consciousness and heartfelt appreciation through their Christmas gifting options for both individuals and businesses.

Companies can make their employees carbon neutral. They can control the budget by choosing how many months to offset employee’s emissions for.

How does it work?

Let’s say the HR department wants to give all employees carbon neutrality for the month of December, they can do this by purchasing credits for approximately 0.65 tons of CO2 per employee. At a cost of 18 euros per employee. Or for those with bigger budgets they can choose to balance the emissions of their employees for one whole year by purchasing credits to cover 7,77 tons of CO2 for approximately 136 euros per employee.

TeamClimate will provide downloadable certificates, allowing companies to include personalized, handwritten Christmas greetings. Additionally, participating companies can receive certificates showcasing the commitment and environmental impact created through their Christmas presents.

Why do we think it’s a great idea?!

TeamClimate’s initiative is designed to address the pain points of HR professionals and CEOs, such as sourcing gifts that reflect company values, managing budget constraints, and boosting employee engagement. The customizable and scalable nature of the initiative ensures that it caters to a wide range of organizations.


TeamClimate for Consumers 

Finding gifts that are meaningful and make less of an environmental impact can be tricky. That’s why TeamClimate’s Christmas special helps individuals, enabling them to support environmental initiatives on behalf of their friends and family. In return they will receive an emissions reduction certificate as proof of their impact and an optional bracelet that is also available as a symbol of their contribution. The certificates come with personalized messages, and the bracelets are available at an extra cost.

Why do we think it’s a great idea?! 

The TeamClimate Christmas gift takes just minutes to purchase online but creates a lasting impact. They are easily accessible with price points to suit everyone, so with the rising cost of living this gift won’t break the bank, but it will inspire your family and friends to think differently about Christmas gifting.  

In a recent press statement, TeamClimate emphasized the urgency to counteract the increase in CO2 emissions during the holiday season. The company’s founders expressed their commitment to certified, transparent climate projects that empower communities. 

Find out more about the projects your Christmas gifts will be supporting. 

TeamClimate’s Christmas initiative offers a fresh perspective on gift-giving, blending thoughtfulness with environmental consciousness. Whether for corporate teams or individual loved ones, TeamClimate’s ‘Christmas Miracle’ transforms the act of giving into an opportunity for positive change. This holiday season, choose a gift that truly makes a difference.

Lean more about TeamClimate’s Christmas Miracle 

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