Climate Impact

Climate Impact

financiación climática género
Climate Impact

Gender-just climate finance

This year, the United Nations has chosen February as the month to focus on SDG 5, gender equality. In this article, we dive into a key concept connecting gender issues with climate action: gender-just climate finance.

carbon sequestration
Carbon Markets

What is carbon sequestration?

In the fight against climate change, carbon sequestration is a key concept. This article explains what this expression means exactly.

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Financial Times carbon market
Carbon Markets

Financial Times exposes the opacity of the carbon market

A Financial Times article published yesterday (May 2) exposes the opacity of the carbon market, and denounces the extractive practices of brokers that act as middlemen between sustainable project developers

carbon footprint football
Climate Change News

The carbon footprint of football

Football leaves more than just players’ footprints on the field: carbon emissions from games, travel and merchandising are considerable, and need to be tackled. Climate change is causing disruption around

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