Neutralize the carbon of your products and services thanks to our API

Concern for the environment is not something exclusive to companies, but also to their customers. To help you in this management, we have developed an API that allows us to offer you this carbon footprint compensation service in a simple and transparent way.

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How does it work

1. During the user’s purchase process, the exact carbon footprint generated by the product or service is calculated.

2. The user obtains the cost of this footprint, being able to decide with which projects he wants to compensate it.

3. At the end, the user automatically receives in his e-mail a nominative certificate with all the information about the project..


Monitoring and controlling the transactions carried out is really easy thanks to our personalized dashboard. In this way, quality information and data are obtained for the non-financial report, being able to develop a transparent communication strategy towards clients and investors.

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