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Empower your customers with the first climate SaaS API in the world

Climate action in 1, 2, 3: embed our climate SaaS API into your organization’s website, APP, or point of sale to offer carbon footprint calculation, offsetting, or donation to your end customers.

How the climate SaaS API works

Choose your
SaaS Plan

Our Basic, Business, and Enterprise plans were developed to provide every company with the option to acquire a sustainability solution. Choose the features you need and select the plan that fits your budget.

CO2 calculation

Calculate the carbon footprint of the product/service in your customer’s cart and display it on your checkout page. Include carbon offsetting automatically or as an optional extra.

Project selection

The customer decides to offset or donate to a sustainability project(s) of your choice, from a selection of more than 200 certified initiatives.

Impact-proof certificate

The customer receives a personalized micro-transaction certificate with a blockchain link that ensures traceability and transparency.

Monitoring and reporting

With ‘My ClimateTrade’ dashboard, your company monitors each transaction and gathers quality data for your sustainability report, enabling transparent communication with clients, investors, regulators, and customers.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan caters specifically to startups and SMBs, offering essential offsetting/donation features without the inclusion of carbon footprint calculation.

  1. Real-time carbon offsetting or donation 
  2. Choose among more than +200 climate mitigation projects
  3. Access to certificates and invoices

Business Plan

Designed for SMBs and corporates, the Business plan is perfect for companies who want to offer real-time calculation and escalate the promotion of the climate initiative.

  1. Standard carbon footprint calculators (Aviation, travel & hospitality, finance & banking, supply chain & transportation/logistics).  
  2. Marketing assets: Co-branded landing page, Vouchers generation, Real-time impact page 
  3. Up to 100k requests/month

Enterprise Plan

Tailored to meet the specific needs of large corporations, the Enterprise plan stands as the optimal choice for companies in pursuit of personalized solutions.

  1. Customizable carbon footprint calculators  
  2. High-level certificates personalization 
  3. Unlimited micro-transactions
  4. Dedicated source of climate action projects 
  5. Exclusive ClimateTrade Account Manager

Why should your company offer sustainable services?

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Climate action embedded into any business​

Explore some of our successful use cases, showcasing how companies across various sectors have integrated our Climate SaaS API. They leverage it to facilitate sustainability donations, calculate and offset carbon footprints, and transform their products and services into carbon-neutral offerings. Available on all products and services.

Financial services

With our Business and Enterprise SaaS plans allow consumers to offset the carbon footprint of their financial transactions directly from their banking app.

– Carbon footprint calculation tool for end-users.

– Offsetting feature: Customers can choose from a variety of sustainable projects 

– Eco-consciousness and carbon-neutrality lifestyle.

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Financial services industry success story
Tourism industry success story


The climate SaaS Basic and Business plans can be integrated into the platform of any tourism operator and hotel to allow final customers to choose carbon-neutral holidays.

  • Automated calculator for personal and business travel 
  • Enhance loyalty programs through sustainability initiatives.
  • Carbon footprint calculation available during check-in or check-out.
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Melia API Climatetrade
GEBTA API ClimateTrade
UNWTO API Climatetrade

Mobility & Transportation

Calculate and offset the footprint associated with each ride or freight route thanks to the climate Business and Enterprise SaaS API plans.

  • Automated car ride footprint calculator. 
  • Freight calculator for packages, pallets, and containers. 
  • Carbon-neutral transportation options.
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Mobility industry success story
Aviation industry success story


ClimateTrade offers automated carbon footprint calculation for flights, as well as the possibility to offset emissions directly from their airline’s website through our Business plan.

  • Automated flight emissions calculator.
  • Offsetting feature: transparency and traceability for end-customers.
  • Carbon-neutral air travel.
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Integrate the Business or Enterprise API plans to your e-commerce platform and make all your products carbon-neutral.

  • Automated emissions calculator per product or service.
  • Real-time offsetting and certification. 
  • Customers can choose from a variety of sustainable projects.
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