ClimateTrade Developer’s Portal: Carbon neutrality at your fingertips

ClimateTrade Developers' Portal

New platform allows companies to integrate ClimateTrade’s API and Widget autonomously.

ClimateTrade launches, a developers’ portal allowing companies to integrate carbon offsetting services into their own channels autonomously. By making all API documentation available at the click of a button, this new platform streamlines and expands access to the ClimateTrade API and Widget for companies that want to give their customers the option to offset their carbon footprint.

ClimateTrade’s developer solutions include:

  • The ClimateTrade API, which helps companies calculate the carbon footprint of their products and services, and allows customers to visualize and offset it in one click by supporting climate action projects.
  • The ClimateTrade Widget, an easy-to-integrate tool to allow the customers of small organizations to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases in just a few clicks.

These solutions have already been successfully implemented by clients in sectors such as mobility, airlines, construction, e-commerce and financial services. Check out our use cases

On top of the API and Widget readily available from the Developers’ Portal, ClimateTrade regularly works with clients to develop custom integrations for their needs. Most recently, Santander Bank integrated ClimateTrade’s carbon offsetting solution into its website and app, allowing clients to visualize and offset the carbon footprint of their card purchases and utility bills directly from their account. 

ClimateTrade is a blockchain-based climate pioneer, aiming to empower large-scale decarbonization through constant innovation. The ClimateTrade marketplace allows companies to offset their climate impact by purchasing carbon, plastic and biodiversity offsets directly from certified projects. With the ClimateTrade API and Widget, clients can integrate these offsetting functionalities into their own platform, making their products climate-positive. ClimateTrade is also spearheading disruptive innovation around the digital certification of carbon mitigation projects and supporting the digitization of national carbon registries.All of ClimateTrade’s products, including the marketplace, API and Widget, are based on blockchain technology, making carbon offsetting transactions traceable and improving transparency in the famously opaque voluntary carbon market.

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