ClimateTrade and CE/R+S launch the Albufera Blue Carbon Project ‘Albluefera’

Albufera Blue Carbon

The Albufera Blue Carbon project leverages nature-based solutions for carbon offsetting in the Albufera Natural Park.

Valencia, November 3, 2022 – ClimateTrade, the blockchain-based climate marketplace, and the Club of Responsible and Sustainable Companies of the Valencian Community today presented the Albufera Blue Carbon project – ‘Albluefera’ – in the Port of Catarroja.

The presentation coincided with UNESCO’s International Day for Biosphere Reserves: both CE/R+S and ClimateTrade support the declaration of the Albufera as a biosphere reserve, a title towards which the city has been working for several years.

The two entities have signed a collaboration agreement to offset the carbon footprint of Valencian businesses through Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) in the peatlands and surrounding agricultural areas of the Albufera Natural Park. Only companies associated with CE/R+S will join this initiative, so that they can store carbon in the wetland ecosystem through the Blue Carbon methodology, generating a positive impact on the mitigation and adaptation of the climate crisis while offsetting their emissions.

Lorena García, Director of CE/R+S, comments: “This is an ambitious and innovative project that will allow our companies to move towards meeting their established decarbonization objectives; as well as contribute to the conservation of our natural area.” Valencian companies Hidraqua and Vickyfoods were among the participants in the launch.

José Lindo, Co-Founder of ClimateTrade, added: “At ClimateTrade we work to achieve proximity in carbon sequestration projects. It is important that our companies understand the need to radically reduce their emissions through decarbonization strategies and, when the time comes, work on projects based on nature and regenerative agriculture, linking green employment and decarbonization at the local level.”

Natural carbon sinks

Marine and coastal ecosystems such as wetlands, peatlands, mangroves, and seagrass beds represent large natural carbon sinks, making it crucial to restore and conserve them to achieve regional and global climate goals. The generation of carbon credits via Blue Carbon projects makes it possible to finance their conservation and restoration.

The Albufera Blue Carbon project will cover all the actions that support these ecosystems and the services they provide within the Valencian Community, to respond to various challenges of society such as climate change, food security or the risk of natural disasters.

Among other actions, the strategy includes joint leadership on the entire cycle of the CO2 sequestration and mitigation  in the wetlands, the development of the mitigation project through the analysis of opportunities for the Measurement, Reporting and annual Verification of the reduction of emissions, dialogue with validating bodies for project certification, and the final sale of authorized Blue Carbon carbon credits through the ClimateTrade blockchain platform.


About ClimateTrade

ClimateTrade is a blockchain-based climate pioneer, aiming to empower large-scale decarbonization through constant innovation. The ClimateTrade marketplace allows companies to offset their climate impact by purchasing carbon, plastic and biodiversity offsets, as well as renewable energy certificates directly from project developers. The ClimateTrade API, Widget and Whitelabel allow clients to integrate marketplace functionalities into their own platform, making their products climate-positive. ClimateTrade is also spearheading disruptive innovation around the digital certification of carbon mitigation projects and supporting the digitization of national carbon registries.

About CE/R+S

CE/R+S was founded in 2017 as the first regional sustainability club in Spain and the only one in the Valencian Community, with the purpose of leading the transformation of the Valencian business model towards sustainability. The Club currently has 34 members: AGC Flat Ibérica, Angela Impact Economy, Almacenes Lázaro, Alpesa, Grupo Baux, Grupo Bertolín, Zubi Group, Broseta Abogados, Caixa Popular, Choví, Colisee, Consum S. Coop., Cubierta Solar, El Corte English, EAFI Ethics, Grupo Eulen, Excal, Geocivil, Foodiverse, Grupo Gimeno, GDES, Hidraqua, Hinojosa Packing Solutions, Grupo IVI, Grupo Marjal, Novaterra, Ribera Salud, Royo group, RNB Cosméticos, Velarte, Grupo Simetría, Suavinex, Triangle REM and Unimat Prevention.

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