ClimateTrade launches ClimateTrade Widget to facilitate carbon offsetting for SMEs

ClimateTrade Widget to facilitate carbon offsetting for SMEs

New tool makes it easier for companies of all sizes to offer transparent and traceable carbon offsetting service to their customers. 

Valencia, November 16, 2021: ClimateTrade, the leading blockchain-enabled climate marketplace, announced today the launch of the ClimateTrade Widget, to allow companies of all sizes to offer transparent carbon compensation services to their customers almost instantaneously. 

The Widget is quick and easy to integrate, which makes it particularly suitable to small and medium businesses or organisations with limited IT resources. With this new functionality, ClimateTrade extends its carbon offsetting services to the SME world, recognising that every business, no matter what size, has a part to play in achieving a net zero world.

While large companies have been working toward decarbonisation for some time, many SMEs are lagging behind due to the complexity of carbon footprint calculations and offsetting. But today, the climate emergency is such that no one can afford inaction. Working toward carbon neutrality now can increase SMEs’ competitiveness in a market driven by conscious consumers.

The ClimateTrade Widget removes the complexity of carbon offsetting. It can be easily customised and integrated into any commercial transaction platform to give customers visibility on the carbon footprint of the product or service they are purchasing, and offer them the option to offset emissions at check-out. 

When integrating the widget into their platform, businesses can choose which ClimateTrade Marketplace carbon mitigation projects they want to present to their customers. Then, companies can either pre-purchase carbon credits from these projects to sell to their customers at the time of payment, or simply offer a direct purchase option to the end buyer. In both cases, buyers receive a nominative certificate with information about the exact project they have supported: full traceability is ensured by the blockchain infrastructure that powers the ClimateTrade Marketplace.

The announcement follows the launch of the ClimateTrade API earlier this year, the world’s first Application Programming Interface for carbon offsetting. Both the API and the Widget serve the purpose of allowing companies on the ClimateTrade Marketplace to extend its services to their customers without ever having to leave their own webpage. 


About ClimateTrade

ClimateTrade is the world’s leading climate marketplace. The company’s environmental services help companies offset CO2 emissions and financing projects in order to achieve their sustainability goals with complete transparency and traceability. A pioneer in establishing a voluntary marketplace for climate credits, and having led the development of blockchain, ClimateTrade has launched a digital solution that allows and promotes the acquisition of carbon-neutral products and services by customers and suppliers of different companies.

Contact us to request a demo of the ClimateTrade Marketplace, API or Widget.


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