ClimateTrade Whitelabel: the easiest way to offer carbon-neutral products and services

ClimateTrade Whitelabel

After the success of its API and Widget, ClimateTrade launches a Whitelabel solution, allowing organizations to give their clients the possibility to offset their carbon footprint with no need for integration or a payment platform.

The ClimateTrade Whitelabel consists of a landing page built by ClimateTrade according to our client’s brand specifications, where end customers can visualize the carbon footprint associated with an activity or purchase, and offset it by contributing to one of the carbon mitigation projects from the ClimateTrade marketplace. 

Compared to the ClimateTrade API and Widget, the Whitelabel offsetting is not integrated into the checkout process. Instead, the customer is prompted to offset their carbon footprint via email or other channels that lead them to the aforementioned landing page. ClimateTrade handles the full checkout process and automatically sends an offsetting certificate to the client when a transaction is concluded.

In essence, the ClimateTrade Whitelabel is a hassle-free option for organizations that want to give their customers or members the option to offset their carbon footprint independently, without having to handle payments. 

This is the latest addition to our suite of carbon offsetting software to support clients in offsetting their Scope 3 emissions. The ClimateTrade API and Widget can be integrated into clients’ webpage or point of sale to give their customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases directly at checkout. 

The API has already been integrated into the platforms of clients like Iberia or Melia Hotels, and is perfectly suited for large organizations that want a customized experience, while the Widget is easier to integrate and more practical for SMEs

Because of its ease of use, the Whitelabel is perfect for organizations of any size that want a quick solution to urge their customers towards offsetting their carbon footprint. It only takes a couple of hours to set up, and doesn’t require any special IT skills or payment infrastructure.

Get in touch with our experts today to schedule a demo, or complete your registration on our marketplace to find out more about our work.

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