How to become a ClimateTrade affiliate and generate additional revenue

How to become a ClimateTrade affiliate and generate additional revenue

Turn your passion for sustainability into profit. ClimateTrade affiliates earn 5% commission on every transaction they bring to our marketplace.

In recent years, the global spotlight has increasingly turned towards sustainability, as businesses and individuals address environmental challenges. This heightened awareness of climate change, biodiversity loss, and other ecological issues has spurred a collective call to action for more responsible and sustainable practices.

With a diverse portfolio of climate action projects spanning carbon credits to biodiversity conservation initiatives, ClimateTrade empowers businesses and individuals to take tangible steps towards sustainability. By providing access to verified and impactful projects, ClimateTrade enables its partners to make meaningful contributions to environmental conservation and climate mitigation efforts.

In this article, we will explore the concept of becoming a ClimateTrade affiliate and examine how individuals and businesses can seize this opportunity to align with their sustainability goals while unlocking new revenue streams. 

What is the future of voluntary carbon markets?

Who is eligible to become a ClimateTrade affiliate?

Eligibility to become a ClimateTrade affiliate is open to a diverse range of professionals and businesses committed to advancing sustainability initiatives. This includes resellers such as sustainability advisors, consultants, carbon accounting platforms, and sustainability information/data systems. Additionally, event organizers, PR agencies, media companies, and production companies are also eligible to join ClimateTrade’s affiliate program. Whether you specialize in providing sustainability solutions, managing events, or communicating environmental initiatives to the public, ClimateTrade offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations across various sectors to align with their sustainability goals while earning additional revenue through affiliate partnerships.

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate?

Becoming a ClimateTrade reseller presents a range of benefits that extend beyond mere revenue generation, offering a unique opportunity to align with sustainability goals while enhancing business offerings.

-A flexible partnership

The ClimateTrade affiliate programme is built on flexibility. Allowing you to tailor your partnership according to your specific needs and business model. Unlike rigid reseller models, ClimateTrade collaborates closely with you to ensure a perfect fit, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that accelerates positive impact on our planet. You will have the opportunity to resell climate projects from our marketplace or our API SaaS solutions.

-Access to the most extensive project portfolio

As a ClimateTrade reseller, you gain access to the largest portfolio of climate action projects globally. Whether your focus lies in carbon credits, biodiversity preservation, or plastic credits, our extensive range covers various price points, locations, and registries. This diversity ensures that you can confidently cater to the needs of both your business and your customers, offering a comprehensive and varied selection of sustainable projects.

– Enhance your brand’s reputation with a network of success stories

Additionally, aligning with ClimateTrade bolsters your company’s reputation as a sustainability-focused business. You will be able to actively contribute to your clients reaching carbon neutrality. When you join our network of success stories, you will showcase your commitment to driving environmental change and delivering tangible results. This association not only enhances your brand’s image but also solidifies your position as a forward-thinking leader in sustainability.

– Empower your clients with diverse and impactful sustainability solutions.

ClimateTrade offers a 360° sustainability service, allowing resellers to expand their offerings beyond their core business. This comprehensive approach enables you to provide additional services such as helping your customers reach carbon neutrality. These solutions will complement your existing portfolio, enriching your value proposition to customers. By diversifying and excelling in the sustainability space, you position yourself as a trusted partner capable of addressing multifaceted environmental challenges.

–  A fully digitized marketplace that empowers resellers to search and select the best projects.

Harness the power of technology with ClimateTrade’s digitized marketplace, with intuitive search and selection features, resellers can effortlessly navigate through our extensive portfolio to find projects that align with their clients’ needs and values. This digital platform streamlines the project selection process, offer the most relevant and impactful solutions to your clients.

– Personalized and branded offsetting certificates, you can issue to your clients

Provide a unique touch to your client interactions by issuing personalized and branded offsetting certificates through ClimateTrade. These certificates not only demonstrate your commitment to sustainability but also serve as tangible proof of your clients’ environmental contributions

 – Flexibility to choose how you spend your rewards

ClimateTrade affiliates can choose to withdraw their 5% referral fee or keep it in their account to use towards future purchases of carbon credits, empowering them to tailor their approach to suit their unique business needs.

How to get started and join our affiliate program

Becoming an affiliate or reseller with ClimateTrade is a simple process, outlined in five easy steps:

1 – Log in to My ClimateTrade: Access the Affiliate Center on the platform to initiate your journey.

2 – Review Program Details: Familiarize yourself with the documentation related to the affiliate program and accept the Terms and Conditions.

3 – Explore Your Affiliate Dashboard: Gain access to your unique referral code, create referral links, and utilize various tools to track your progress.

4 – Leverage Our Tools: Gain insights into referral purchases and processes, ensuring transparency and efficiency in your operations.

5 – Enjoy Your Rewards: Earn a 5% referral fee for each successful referral sale, adding value to your business and enhancing your revenue stream.

Empower your clients with our climate API

ClimateTrade affiliates can further enhance their offerings and empower their clients by leveraging our API. Whether you’re a technology company seeking to provide sustainable solutions or a climate action platform aiding companies in managing their Scope 3 emissions, our API, powered by blockchain technology, offers a seamless solution. This plug-and-play tool seamlessly integrates into various ecosystems, providing customizable carbon footprint calculations and support for climate action projects. By incorporating our API into your services, you can provide your clients with transparent and customizable solutions tailored to their specific needs. With ClimateTrade’s API, it’s all about empowering your end clients while ensuring transparency and facilitating meaningful climate action.

Why you should join our affiliate programe today

ClimateTrade offers the largest portfolio of climate action projects in the world, including carbon credits, biodiversity, and plastic credits, among others. Our platform provides unparalleled flexibility for resellers, empowering them with multiple collaboration options. They can resell our solutions, including SaaS API and calculators, as well as access our extensive marketplace of projects. We are the only company to transparently communicate about our affiliate program, detailing how it works, the percentage, and the benefits it offers.

Our end-to-end process is fully digitalized, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Resellers can issue certificates on behalf of their end-customers, further simplifying the process and adding value to their offerings. With ClimateTrade, resellers not only enhance their offerings but also their reputation, backed by our 360° sustainability service and commitment to transparency.

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