Reibus International chooses ClimateTrade to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Reibus Steel Metals

The leading marketplace for metals pioneers sustainability to set a new industry standard.

ClimateTrade are delighted to announce that Reibus International, the independent digital marketplace for metals has chosen ClimateTrade to assist them in achieving their mission to reach carbon neutrality. A significant milestone for the company that exists to solve the toughest metal supply chain problems by implementing the most innovative technology solutions. Their sustainability initiative aligns with the global efforts to combat climate change, outlined in The Paris Agreement.

The metals industry plays a vital role in today’s infrastructure; however, it also contributes significantly to global carbon emissions. In response to this challenge, Reibus International is leading the way by providing an easily accessible solution for steel professionals to assess and address their carbon footprint responsibly.

Reibus Marketplace – API Integration

Our powerful technology, including a powerful climate plug-and-play API, was seamlessly integrated into Reibus’ marketplace, enabling customers to calculate and offset emissions associated with their transactions.

Customers now have the option to offset emissions immediately by supporting verified sustainable projects in the USA, Mexico, and Peru. This innovative solution empowers organizations within the steel industry to contribute to meaningful causes that mitigate climate change while advancing their own environmental responsibilities.

Embracing Sustainability: Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Furthermore, we are actively backing Reibus’ goal of reaching carbon neutrality by fully offsetting all carbon emissions generated in the previous year. This commitment is realized through the financial contribution to carbon reduction initiatives sourced from the ClimateTrade marketplace. We worked together with Reibus to select high-quality climate action projects that align with Reibus’ greater sustainability objectives.

John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Reibus, said, “Reibus is dedicated to driving positive change within the steel industry by addressing its environmental concerns head-on. We are thrilled to announce our carbon neutrality while also introducing solutions that facilitate genuine carbon footprint reduction. Just this year, we ventured into the recyclables market, and now we offer an accessible and straightforward way for organizations to purchase carbon offsets and give back to the environment.”

Fran Benedito, CEO & Co-Founder of ClimateTrade, commented, “We are delighted to collaborate with Reibus in our shared mission to drive climate action within the metals industry. This partnership underscores our commitment to advancing decarbonization through innovative technology and underscores Reibus’ dedication to sustainable business practices.”

About Reibus International
Reibus International is an independent digital marketplace revolutionizing the metals industry. The platform offers a seamless way for buyers and sellers of metal products to connect and transact efficiently. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Reibus has achieved carbon neutrality and is pioneering carbon reduction solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of steel production.

About ClimateTrade
ClimateTrade is a pioneering climate-tech company at the forefront of environmental progress and dedicated to driving decarbonization through innovative technology solutions. By curating sustainable projects and providing innovative technology, ClimateTrade empowers organizations to calculate and offset their carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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