Unlock new opportunities with ClimateTrade affiliation and reseller programs

Whether you’re seeking top-tier climate action projects for your end customers or aiming to boost revenue by referring our company, ClimateTrade is your destination for transparent and efficient sustainability solutions.

Becoming an affiliate

5 simple steps to start earning with ClimateTrade.

Log in to My ClimateTrade

Access the “Affiliate Center” on My ClimateTrade to get started.

Review program details

Familiarize yourself with the documentation related to our affiliate program and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Explore your affiliate dashboard

Inside the Affiliate Center, you can check your unique referral code, create referral links, and more.

Leverage our tools

Gain insights into referral purchases, both aggregated and anonymized. Discover essential information about processes, including how to withdraw your balance.

Enjoy your rewards

Whenever a referral sale occurs, your 5% referral fee is automatically added to your affiliate balance. Use it to make purchases on the ClimateTrade marketplace or withdraw the amount directly.

Discover high-quality projects for your end-customers

Whether you’re a sustainability consulting firm, a carbon accounting platform, or an events company, you can purchase offsets and champion climate action projects on behalf of your end clients. Explore our marketplace featuring over 175 sustainability projects, among carbon credits, biodiversity credits, energy certificates and more. During checkout, simply provide your client’s information, and we’ll generate a certificate in their name. Simple as that: it’s all digital, quick, and transparent.

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Empower your clients with our API

Are you a technology company looking to offer sustainable solutions to your end customers? Or perhaps you’re a climate action platform assisting companies in addressing their Scope 3 emissions? Discover our API, powered by blockchain technology: a plug-and-play tool that seamlessly integrates into various ecosystems, offering customizable carbon footprint calculations and support for climate action projects. It’s all about empowering your end clients while ensuring transparency.

Ask us how we can help you

Ask us how we can help you