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From COP26 to COP27
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ClimateTrade milestones from COP26 to COP27

Action and implementation are key priorities at COP27. Luckily, fast and ambitious action is our daily commitment at ClimateTrade. Here are some of the milestones we have accomplished between COP26

ClimateTrade COP27
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Top 5 expectations from COP27

With the world’s largest climate event just around the corner and extreme weather events already causing mayhem around the globe, expectations are at their peak this year. Here are the

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Where to find ClimateTrade at COP27

ClimateTrade will be actively participating in COP27, our fifth UN climate change conference. There are less than three weeks left before the biggest climate event of the year, and we

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What is carbon sequestration?

In the fight against climate change, carbon sequestration is a key concept. This article explains what this expression means exactly, and what the different types of carbon sequestration are. The

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