Climate Change News

Climate Change News

U.S. corporate decarbonization
Climate Change News

Best practices in U.S. corporate decarbonization

U.S. companies cannot wait for regulation to force them to mitigate their impact on the climate. Luckily, many of them have already begun their decarbonization journey. As the world’s largest

bank decarbonization
Carbon Markets

U.S. vs UK bank decarbonization

The UK and the U.S. are both major global financial hubs, with a lot at stake when it comes to achieving Net Zero. In this article, we dive into the

carbon footprint measurement
Carbon Markets

The evolution of carbon footprint measurement

The practice of calculating carbon footprint is not old, yet it has already changed and adapted to new demands and technologies. Discover the history of carbon footprint measurement in this

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How does Blockchain work?
Blockchain Technology

How does Blockchain actually work?

This post will cover how blockchain technology works, the advantages it presents, as well as its disadvantages. It is easy for newcomers to mix up cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Although the

Nature-based solutions
Climate Change News

Nature-based solutions for people and the planet

The UN Environmental Program (UNEP)’s latest two Adaptation Gap Reports have emphasized the importance of nature-based solutions (NBS) to mitigate climate change. So what are nature-based solutions, and why should

Carbon Markets

EU ETS: What is it and why is it changing?

The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is the continent’s main tool for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how it works and why it is changing as part

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