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Climate Change News

ClimateTrade COP27
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Top 5 expectations from COP27

With the world’s largest climate event just around the corner and extreme weather events already causing mayhem around the globe, expectations are at their peak this year. Here are the

Climate Change News

Where to find ClimateTrade at COP27

ClimateTrade will be actively participating in COP27, our fifth UN climate change conference. There are less than three weeks left before the biggest climate event of the year, and we

Climate Change News

Discussing the future of climate tech at VERGE 22

ClimateTrade will be attending and speaking at VERGE 22, the climate tech event organized by Greenbiz in San Jose, California, October 25-27. As an industry leader, ClimateTrade is proud to

decarbonize aviation
Climate Change News

Why is it so hard to decarbonize aviation?

The journey towards a Net Zero world is long and arduous – and it probably shouldn’t be done by plane. Aviation is considered one of the hardest sectors to decarbonize:

carbon footprint football
Climate Change News

The carbon footprint of football

Football leaves more than just players’ footprints on the field: carbon emissions from games, travel and merchandising are considerable, and need to be tackled. Climate change is causing disruption around

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Oaxaca wind project
ClimateTrade News

MAPFRE offsets 15,400 tCO2 through Mexico wind project

The purpose is to contribute to clean energy production and offset part of MAPFRE’s carbon footprint.  The CO2 offsetting transaction was conducted on ClimateTrade’s climate marketplace, which specializes in carbon

ClimateTrade and the Cantabria Chamber of Commerce
ClimateTrade News

New agreement tackles carbon offsetting in Cantabria

The pilot agreement between ClimateTrade and the Cantabria Chamber of Commerce was a step forward to promote a local impact.  Starting in October 2021, the Cantabria Chamber of Commerce will

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