Project Description

The ITeC – Institute of Construction Technology strengthens its commitment to environmental sustainability by closing an agreement with Climatetrade, a leading company in emissions compensation services in international carbon markets to integrate ClimateTrade GO, on its website.

Partner companies can offset the carbon footprint of their works

It allows its associates to offset their carbon footprint in all types of works, all the construction processes involved, such as materials, machinery, transport, etc. and during any phase of the life cycle (manufacturing, construction, use and deconstruction).

This joint development provides professionals and construction companies, developers and SOCIMIs (Listed Stock Companies for Investment in the Real Estate Market) an advanced and digital service for offsetting CO2 emissions calculated by ITEC.

The agreement represents a digital solution that provides maximum rigor and traceability in transactions and certifications. A leap in quality in the digitization of the sector and greater transparency in matters of environmental, social and governance responsibility for companies, for the benefit of their interest groups.

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